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by Patrick Tessier


It is extremely important that there is a space bilaterally between the trays prior to adding acrylic posterior stops. The objective is to create bilateral, even posterior stops at the patient's treatment position. Since the relationship of the maxilla to the mandible changes with the changes in protrusion, this procedure must be repeated if the treatment position changes.


    • Roughen the hard plastic in the occlusal area of the 1st and 2nd molar on the Lower Tray. Add auto cure acrylic to rough area.

    • Lubricate the Upper Tray with Vaseline and place in the patient's mouth. The Vaseline will keep the trays from sticking together when adding the Posterior Stops.

    • Place the Lower Tray in the patient's mouth while the acrylic is in the doughy stage.

    • Help the patient to couple the Upper dreamTAPTM tray with the lower while the lower is in the patient's mouth. Have the patient gently snap the Upper Tray over his/her teeth by pushing it up with his/her thumbs.

    • Be sure the patient doesn't bite down on the stops

    • The Hook should be set in the patient's treatment position. See Hook Setting and Adjustment section

    • With the trays coupled in the mouth, have the patient bite down.

    • Once the Posterior Stops are set, first smooth the area with your finger. This will ensure there isn't any rough spots that may irritate the patient.

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