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This guide shows many of the quality organizations that can help you.

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  1. DS3 - Dental Sleep Solutions   Drs Drake and Yatros founded this company to help their fellow dentists take advantage of all their considerable experience.   The best ROI for any DSM dentist.   Great team and awesome service.
    • DS3 - Dental Sleep Solutions Drs Drake and Yatros founded this company to help their fellow dentists take advantage of all their considerable experience. The best ROI for any DSM dentist. Great team and awesome service.

    • Nierman Practice Management - For 30 years Miss Rose Nierman has been helping dentists navigate medical insurance. Her dental writer software and billing services are first class. Check out her world class education and more

    • Bullseye Media - Marc Fowler and his crack team at Bullseye Media, LLC specialize in helping dentists leverage the internet to attract and retain more patients. Through personal experience, they have developed a DSM program to help you treat more patients.

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  2. GoGo Billing   Created by a Dental office for Dental offices, Dr. Stacey Layman and Lesia Crawford have been a leading resource for clinicians that want to insure cash flow from the DSM procedures.
    • GoGo Billing Created by a Dental office for Dental offices, Dr. Stacey Layman and Lesia Crawford have been a leading resource for clinicians that want to insure cash flow from the DSM procedures.

    • Nierman Practice Management For the past 30 years, Nierman PM has been perfecting medical billing for dental procedures. The Dental Writer software is the industry standard. Now Nierman PM has billing services to boot!

    • Medical Billing for Dentists Dr. Marty Lipsey has developed an excellent billing service based on his years of experience. Covering all time zones in the US, they will maximize your reimbursement, everytime.

    • Dental Sleep Solutions - Known for their awesome practice management services, DS3 also can help with billing. Whether you want to do-it-yourself or get connected with a 3rd party service, or just have DS3 submit your claims, they can provide a solution that fits your practice.

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    • EZ Sleep - Founded by Sleep Lab Veteran Keith Woods, EZ Sleep Test makes it very easy for your patients to receive quality HST service anywhere in the country. Check out their new "Love at First Bite" program to get free myTAPs, the #1 trial and titration appliance

    • HST America HST America is a concierge level home sleep testing service. Featuring In-person delivery and training, quick turn-around and no cost to the dentist.

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    • Whip Mix– the most comprehensive home sleep monitoring system to the dental market. The Nox T3 system includes the ability to measure airflow, breathing effort, pulse oximetry, heart rate, audio, and more. The software gives dentists easy access to all the data. The Nox T3 is the only HST FDA approved for children starting at the age of two.

    • Braebon - For over 20 years, Braebon has been producing high quality instruments and software for the sleep industry. Dr. Rick Bonato and Mr. Don Bradley are the founders with decades of experience. The Medibyte is widely used for HST an is the smallest level 2/3 recorder on the market. Even has a microphone to collect those annoying snore noises!

    • Itamar Medical - Producers of the WatchPat device. It is a small wrist mounted device that is easy to use and comfortable. Based on the proprietary "PAT" technology it enables non-invasive recording of the Peripheral Arterial Tonometry.

    • BodiMetrics O2 Vibe - This is a recording Oximeter that links to your phone via bluetooth. For $199, you can record your oxygen level all night and get a report that can be emailed. No subscription fees. Comfortable with a thumb ring. Costco has for $145!

    • EverSleep - This is a highly specialized sleep tracker that analyzes complex relationships between: ​ Blood Oxygen - possible sleep apnea Movement - restless sleep Snoring - airway obstructions Pulse Rate - autonomic disturbance Insomnias - 3 different types Costs between $249 and $189 from their website.

    • Beddr is another excellent screening device. Costs about $109 - $149. Here’s What Beddr SleepTuner Records: Sleep Quality Rating; Blood Oxygen Level (SpO2); Stopped Breathing Events; Sleep Position; Heart Rate; Heart Rate Increases; Sleep Duration; Night-to-Night Variability

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    • Dental Sleep Solutions - DS3 puts on about a dozen courses per year around the country. A good DSM overview from one of the best teams. Inexpensive and a great way to dip your toes in the DSM market.

    • Nierman Practice Management - One of the best courses available. Nierman has a great DSM overview course and the always popular Medical Billing Course. Hard to beat the experience Nierman has to share.

    • Sleep Group Solutions - SGS is the most active educational organization in the nation. With over 75 courses per year, there will be one near you soon. The DSM community is grateful for the hard work and dedication that results in many dentists recognizing the OSA epidemic and wanting to treat more patients.

    • Spencer Study Club Dr. Jamison Spencer has developed a unique online educational platform with over 50 hours of CE. Dr. Spencer has dedicated his professional life to treatment of OSA and TMJ. He collected his extensive knowledge into this extraordinary and very professional platform. Like no other course, it can be accessed with any computer, at any time.

    • Dawson Academy - Since 1979, The Dawson Academy has been serving the dental community with an interdisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment of masticatory system problems. Today, the Academy has included courses related to Dental Sleep Medicine.

    • The Pankey Institute - World Class dental education from Pankey now includes courses on Dental Sleep Medicine. Taught by the best instructors, the Institute delivers.

    • Spear Education - Dr. Frank Spear established this excellent educational organization that thrives today. With top faculty this group delivers. New courses on DSM are top notch.

    • LVI Global- The Las Vegas Institute has long been know for teaching cosmetic procedures. Now, LVI is supporting the growing demand for treating sleep disordered breathing. An excellent program for serious DSM dentists.

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    • Dr. Mayoor Patel, DDS, MS, D.ABDSM, DABOP, DABCP, DABCDSM, DAPPM, RPSGT, FAAOP, FICCMO, FAACP, FAGD, FPFA - Certainly one of the most educated and credentialed DSM lecturers today, Dr. Patel offers lectures from his Atlanta office and University programs around the world. Everyone can learn from this practical and charismatic leader in the DSM field.

    • Dr. Kent Smith & 21st Century Sleep Seminars - Dr. Smith created 21st Century Seminars to build and support a community of dentists dedicated to enhancing the lives of others through diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. The Round Table is a not-to-miss meeting for any DSM dentist.

    • Dr. Jonathan Parker - Dr. Parker has been dedicating his professional life to the treatment of sleep disordered breathing. He is an expert that you can trust. He shares his deep knowledge with courses and lectures around the country. Not to be missed for practical and clinical skills that he has perfected.

    • Dr. John Tucker - Dr. Tucker maintains a private practice in Erie, Pennsylvania. Dr. Tucker has a special interest in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. His unique teaching style of relating his successes and failures helps his students understand that implementation will have its issues, and success requires passion and commitment.

    • Dr. John Viviano- Dr. Viviano create Sleep Disorders Dentistry to help educate and guide fellow dentists. With 2 and 4 day courses, Dr. V has put together one the the best DSM course available today. He is based in Toronto but has clients all over North America.

    • Dr. Ken Berley - Dr. Berley is unique in that he is both a DDS and an attorney. An in-demand lecturer, Dr. Berley's prospective of both the clinical aspects of DSM and the legal ramifications is not to be missed. He is available for practice consulting as well.

    • OSA University - OSA University is an online education platform dedicated to training dental sleep medicine team professionals. OSA-U courses are designed to optimize dental sleep medicine protocols and maximize patient success.

    • HST America - presents Success in Sleep. Learn how to implement a successful sleep program in your practice with our "zero dollar sleep protocal". Excellent one day courses!

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    • University of North Carolina - Dr. Greg Essick has put together a premier mini-residency with Dr. Terry Bennett and the AACP. Three sessions of Friday/Saturday allow for an in-depth understanding of dental sleep medicine. Each participant will get 3 appliances made for personal use. The facilities at UNC are first class and support staff are excellent. Great food!

    • University of the Pacific - Dr. Jamison Spencer leads a mini-residency over 3 weekend sessions. Designed to provide an ideal balance of the academic and clinical aspects of dental sleep medicine. Critical practice management and medical billing aspects will also be given significant focus.

    • Tufts University - Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and AACP have put together the eighth offering of our extremely popular DSM Mini-Residency. Directed by Dr. Noshir Mehta, Dr. Robert Talley, Dr. Leopoldo Correa and Dr. Jamison Spencer, this DSM Mini-Residency includes over 90 hrs of CE.

    • UCLA School of Dentistry - The UCLA mini-residency program is designed to offer a comprehensive experience for the practicing dentist that will connect the medical and dental aspects to this medical disorder. The mini-residency will take place over five sessions (1 ½ days per month) for a five month period.

    • UCSF School of Dentistry- The UCSF Mini-Residency is designed for dental professionals to develop in-depth knowledge and clinical procedures for treating sleep-related breathing disorders. Participants will become skilled at utilizing oral appliance therapy.

    • University of Utah - provides a practical, diagnostic and treatment focused program that recognizes the connections between medical diagnosis and management of sleep apnea, dental sleep medicine, craniofacial pain, and TMD. The Mini-Residency is divided into three sessions, each consisting of two-day lectures and workshops.

    • University of Tennessee - DSM mini-residency. Course Objectives: 1) Evaluate patients for OAT & take required bite records. 2) Deliver oral appliances and assess ad modify their fit. 3) Adjust oral appliances 4) Identify and minimize side effects. 5) Exam TMJ and masticatory muscles in patients with oral appliance. 6) Incorporate DSM into your private practice.

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    • American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) - Established in 1991, the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine is the only non-profit national professional society dedicated exclusively to the practice of dental sleep medicine. The AADSM is the leading national organization for dentists who use oral appliance therapy to manage sleep-disordered breathing.

    • American Academy of Craniofacial Pain (AACP) - The American Academy of Craniofacial Pain will continue to be the organization promoting advancement of knowledge in Craniofacial Pain, Temporomandibular Disorders, and Dental Sleep Medicine by providing a common ground for clinical practice and research to professionals for the benefit of the public.

    • American Sleep and Breathing Academy (ASBA) - The integration of Dentistry and Medicine to treat Sleep Disorders. The mission of the Academy is to strengthen the Sleep Health Profession by forming a dental and medical multi-disciplinary approach to sleep medicine and overall sleep health.

    • Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines (ACSDD) - The Academy believes in a multidisciplinary paradigm through its invitation to health care practitioners including but not limited to dentists, physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, sleep technologists, nurses, and nurse practitioners who interact with and provide treatment to the patient for sleep-breathing disorders, TMD, or pain.

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    • Dental Sleep Practice - Dental Sleep Practice is THE Sleep Apnea publication for Dentists – encompassing everything they need to know to properly treat this condition. Each helpful issue includes timely information and clinical articles from health experts and industry leaders on the diagnosis & treatment options for sleep apnea.

    • Dental Sleep Insider - Your source for Dental Sleep Medicine News and Education Brought to you by Dental Sleep Solutions©. This online only magazine has top quality articles for practical implementation of dental sleep medicine in a practice.

    • Sleep Review - Sleep Review delivers in-depth coverage of the clinical sleep medicine subspecialty—and reaches more than 20,000 key decision makers and influencers.

    • Sleep Magazine - Since 2009, Sleep Group Solutions (SGS) has published a quarterly journal featuring editorials, clinical articles and case presentations for SGS client dentists, physicians and some of the biggest names in the industry. It helps raise awareness and bridge the gap between the medical and dental sleep communities.

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