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Dr. Spencer shows how to build Morning Repositioners with AM Aligner and ThermAcryl Plus

The purpose of the AM Aligner is to counteract the forces that represent the most significant side effect of a mandibular advancement device used for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and other sleep disordered breathing.

Repositioning the mandible forward at night creates a transient malocclusion in the morning with anterior tooth contact and posterior open bite. The AM Aligner is designed to reestablish the proper intercuspation of the teeth.

The forces that are inherent in repositioning the mandible forward can also incline the maxillary anterior teeth lingually and the mandibular anterior teeth facially. The AM Aligner counteracts this movement by creating a centric occlusion splint that is fabricated before the MAD is delivered.

The AM Aligner is constructed of a unique thermoplastic material that can be made in the office. It is used every day by the patient to return the mandible the original relationship to the maxilla.