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With the TAP PAP CS, providing combination therapy to your patients has never been easier.

  • STEPPED APPROACH TO THERAPY Can be added to an existing TAP 3 or dreamTAP appliance in a 20-minute chairside (CS) appointment for additional treatment.
  • LOWER CPAP PRESSURES Adding a TAP PAP CS to a TAP 3 or dreamTAP appliance, allows you to treat effectively with lower CPAP pressure.
  • COMBINATION THERAPY Combining the mandibular advancement of the TAP 3 or dreamTAP appliance with CPAP allows you to effectively treat mild to severe sleep apnea.
  • NO TRAINING REQUIRED With the new design, there is no additional training required.


The TAP PAP CS Nasal Pillow Mask is intended to be used by individuals who have been diagnosed by a Physician as requiring CPAP or Bi-level ventilator treatment. The TAP PAP Nasal Pillow Mask is intended for single patient adult (> 66 lb./30kg) use in the home, hospital or other clinical setting.


This device is contraindicated for patients with loose teeth, loose dental work, dentures, or other oral conditions which would be adversely affected by wearing dental appliances. In addition, the appliance is contraindicated for patients who have central sleep apnea, have severe respiratory disorders or are under 18 years of age.

Do not use if any of the following apply:

  • The patient is under active dental or orthodontic treatment
  • The patient has removable dentures or bridges
  • The patient has temporary crowns
  • The patient has loose teeth, loose crowns or loose fillings
  • The patient has braces
  • The patient has less than 8 natural healthy teeth per arch
  • The patient has not seen a dentist within the last 12 months.


US Federal Law restricts this device to sale by, or on order of, a physician.

  • This mask should only be used with CPAP/Bi-level equipment recommended by your physician or respiratory therapist. A mask should not be used unless the CPAP/Bi-level device is turned on and operating properly. The vent holes of the mask should never be blocked.
  • Explanation of warning: CPAP and Bi-level machines are intended to be used with special masks which have exhalation ports to allow continuous flow of air out of the mask. When the CPAP/Bi-level machine is turned on and functioning properly, new air from the CPAP/Bi-level machine flushes the exhaled air out through the exhalation ports. However, when the CPAP/Bi-level machine is not operating, enough fresh air will not be provided through the mask, and exhaled air may be re-breathed. Re-breathing of exhaled air for longer than several minutes can in some circumstances lead to suffocation.
  • If oxygen is used with CPAP/Bi-level machine, the oxygen flow must be turned off when the CPAP/Bi-level machine is not operating.
  • Explanation of warning: When the CPAP/Bi-level device is not in operation, and the oxygen flow is left on, oxygen delivered into the ventilator tubing may accumulate within the CPAP/Bi-level machine enclosure. Oxygen accumulated in the CPAP/Bi-level machine enclosure will create a risk of fire.
  • Do not use Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pressure and/or oxygen tubing. Use silicone tubing instead.
  • Explanation of warning: Flexible PVC contains elements that can be detrimental to the materials of the mask, and may lead to cracking or breakage of mask components.
  • Refit the Mouthpiece if too tight and discontinue use if discomfort persists.
  • Discontinue use if a reaction is caused by any part of the mask and consult physician.
  • Discontinue use if experiencing discomfort and consult physician.
  • Mask is single patient use.
  • Discontinue use of mask if damaged or cracked and seek replacement.
  • Do not use mask if vomiting or feeling nauseous.
  • Do not use mask if patient is unable to remove mask independently.
  • If bite changes, wait to see if the bite returns to normal during the day. If bite changes continue or do not return to normal during the day. Discontinue use and contact physician if changes continue.
  • Use on adults only (>66lb/30kg).
  • Shake loose hot water off Mouthpiece before placing in mouth.
  • Do not misuse mask.
  • In the event of muscle or jaw joint pain, discontinue use for a minimum of two days or until pain subsides and consult physician.
  • Use a humidifier if experiencing nasal congestion or dry airway.
  • Combinations with other medical products can alter the performance of the product, e.g. combinations with: humidifier for medical use, nebulizer, heat and moisture exchanger (HME), filters, CPAP, Bi-level positive airway pressure device, self-adjusting sleep apnea breathing therapy device, or additional oxygen supply.
  • Electrically conductive breathing tubes should not be used(this warning does not apply to approved heated breathing tubes).